1926 – 1950: Humble Beginnings (25 years)

Mr. Mohamed Ebrahim Sait was born in 1901 and graduated from Aligarh University. He showed an early interest in music and become a proficient player on several instruments. It was this natural interest in music that lead him to opening a small shop at ‘Rattan Bazaar’ called ‘Gramophone House’ in 1926, where he sold ‘His Master’s Voice’ (HMV) gramophones and later a few musical instruments and gramophone players. He had set up his sole proprietorship under the name ‘Mohamed Ebrahim & Co.’ (MECO).

In 1934, the Radio a new innovation in India was taking the country by storm. Though only a few stations like Ceylon, Calcutta and Bombay were broadcasting for a few hours a day, Mr. Sait visualized opportunities for the future of Radio in India. In 1936, Mr. Sait secured the distributorship for PHILCO Radios in South India. Working tirelessly and with passion Mr. Sait soon opened an additional showroom at ‘Globe House’ in 1940. His hard work, high ethical standards and focus on the customer lead to the business grow from strength to strength. In 1940 PHILCO appointed ‘Mohamed Ebrahim & Co” as the sole distributors for all their products: Radios, Refrigerators, Washing Machines and other Electrical Appliances.

In 1942, with the growing success of the company Mr. Sait registered ‘Mohamed Ebrahim & Co. Ltd.’ (MECO) as a private limited company with his wife, and two sons, Mr. Sulaiman Ebrahim & Mr. Humayun Ebrahim as directors. In 1947 another branch was opened at ‘Victory House’ on Mount Road, which later become the company’s corporate office. In 1949, a photographic department was set up by the name of ‘MECO STUDIOS’ as a further expansion of the business.

By 1949, several agencies had been taken up by the company ranging from PHILCO for radios and refrigerators; BULGIN for wireless components parts and accessories; HMV and COLUMBIA for gramophones and records; MAYTAG for washing machines, electrical appliances (coffee percolators, toasters, & fans); and AHUJA for speech equipment and public address systems.

1950 – 1976 – Growth! No matter what! (50years)

In 1955, MECO furthered the presence in Radio by taking up the distribution for Murphy Radios in South India. At this time, MECO was one of the largest distributors in South India representing Murphy Radios & Transistors, Prestige Pressure Cookers, Rallifans, Chromelite Furniture, Challenge Steel furniture, Khira Steel & Wooden furniture, Polydor records, Kishco Cutlery to name a few.

Later under the management on his son, Mr. Sulaiman M. Ebrahim in the latter part of 1960’s, Branch Offices were setup in the Southern States of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala. The company grew in leaps and bounds during this time.

In 1971, MECO celebrated its 45th year in business by consolidating operations and moving into their own building on Mount Road. “Meco House” was an iconic 6 story building located between two popular cinemas on Mount Road, Madras.

MECO soon entered the manufacturing sector and started producing a number of electronic components and other equipment in collaboration with leading foreign manufacturers, at the Meco factory in Guindy Industrial Estate, Madras. Mecom amplifier equipment and accessories, Mecom intercommunication equipment, MecoMix mixer and grinders, Mecom Calculators, & Mecom Cassettes were some of the product lines being manufactured by the company. By 1973, the Company expanded manufacturing activities and started to export to a number of countries. The manufacturing activities backed by the International Trade Division, which also functioned from the Head Quarters at Madras (Chennai). Two manufacturing concerns were soon set up under the MECO group of companies by the name of ‘M.R. Electronic Components’ (M.R.E.C) and ‘Transcore’ both producing electronic equipments and components.

Meco Tronics’ performance in the export field achieved its height in 1976-77, when our performance was recognized by the Government of India. Mr. S.M. Ebrahim (Managing Director – Meco Tronics) was recognized as a ‘Meritorious Export House’, by Mr. Mohan Dharia, the then ‘Union Minister of Commerce’ for the top exporter of engineering goods from the Southern Region.

Since the early 1970’s, both the sons of Mr. S.M. Ebrahim, Managing Director, had also joined the Company as Directors – with Mr. Aiyaz M. Ebrahim exclusively controlling the manufacturing and export activities of the Company; while Mr. Faraz M. Ebrahim was handling the Agency lines, controlling the trading activities of Polydor Records, Sonodyne Stereo Systems at the Head Quarters of the company as well at the other regions. Both had jointly put in their maximum efforts and contributed to the growth of the Company.

1980 to Present – Post liberalization (87 years later – the 4th generation of MECO)

After the demise of Mr. S.M. Ebrahim in 1988, Mr. Aiyaz M Ebrahim had taken over the complete control of the business activities of Meco Tronics Pvt. Ltd. The business was soon split with Mr. Humayun Ebrahim & his son Mr. Akbar Ebrahim taking over the manufacturing business M.R. Electronic Components Ltd. (M.R.E.C); and Mr. Sulaiman Ebrahim’s children (Aiyaz & Faraz Ebrahim) taking over the agency and distribution businesses. The 56 year old (1932 to 1988) Company had been re-constituted as a Partnership Firm under the name of ‘MECO TRONICS’ in 1989.

The Partnership Firm continued to flourish with the distribution business for the four Southern States of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala; with Madras remaining as its Head Quarters.

Today, Meco Tronics under Mr. Aiyaz Ebrahim continues to operate and grow every year. His sons Mr. Mansoor Ebrahim, Mr. Saif Ebrahim & Mr. Sameer Ebrahim have joined the business and work to ensure that the company, our dealers and our partners continue to grow their business. Mr. Aiyaz Ebrahim runs the proprietary concern “Meco Tronics” as a sole proprietor and manages the business in the two Sates of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Saif Ebrahim & Mr. Sameer Ebrahim work as Directors at the company. Mr. Mansoor Ebrahim runs the concern “Meco Tronics Tamil Nadu” as a sole proprietor and manages the business in the State of Tamil Nadu.

With a network of over 100 retail dealers in South India we have completed many numerous prestigious instillations, tied up with institutional business partners, architects and sell to most major event managers, sound hirers & AV installers.

MECO TRONICS continues to grow as a well established profitable business having an outstanding name in the business field, which achievement has won the appreciation of our dealers, our principals and our customers.